Axis Tool Arm

The Axis is the ideal tool for safely mowing around ponds, ditches, and fence lines. The offset design of the Axis Tool Arm provides the necessary clearance to keep both the tractor and the operator out of harms way from low-hanging branches, or possibly rolling the tractor down an incline.

To ensure both operator and equipment safety, the Axis is equipped with sheer bolt protection on a breakaway link should the arm strike an unforeseen object with too much force.

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Hydraulic Tool Lift Feature Image

Hydraulic Tool Lift

The Axis Tool Arm hydraulically pivots on your 3PH raising and lowering the tool as needed. With the Axis fully raised the mower can be folded in to provide safe road travel (image below).


Hydraulic Tool Rotation Feature Image

Hydraulic Tool Rotation

To provide the best results when mowing along ditches or around ponds the tool carrier is hydraulically adjustable allowing the mower to be adjusted to match the grade.


Stabilizer Arm to Cutter Feature Image

Stabilizer Arm to Cutter

Various attachment bracket are supplied with the Axis Toolbar to attach the Stabilizer Bar to the cutter. All four adaptors are included.

Shown in order: Pulsar, Kodiak, Fork Rear Wheel Style with 180° Wheel Adjuster, Fork Rear Wheel Style with Flat Wheel Adjuster


Transport Lock Feature Image

Transport Lock


Retractable Weight Bar Feature Image

Retractable Weight Bar