HLA Snow Blade 3000

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HLA 3000 Snow Blade


2 Year Warranty Feature

2 Year Warranty

Designed for harsh conditions, HLA Snow backs its 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 series blades with a 2 Year Commercial Warranty.

35° Angle with Crossover Relief Valve Protection Feature

35° Angle with Crossover Relief Valve Protection

Relief Valve Feature Video Link

Allows the blade to be rotated 35° in either direction, while the cross over relief valve protects from structural damage to either the machine or property.

Lateral Float Feature

Lateral Float

Oscillating Mount Feature Video Link

Allows blade to follow ground contours for better clearing performance.

Mouldboard Profile Feature

Mouldboard Profile

Precision engineered curve rolls and folds snow. This reduces sticking, side tracking and spill over.

Replaceable, Reversible Cutting Edge Feature

Replaceable, Reversible Cutting Edge

Our cutting edges are designed to be easily replaceable and are reversible to give you twice the life.

Adjustable Skid Shoes Feature

Adjustable Skid Shoes

Allows you to set cutting depth for optimum performance and prolonged cutting edge life.


Rubber Cutting Edge Option

Rubber Cutting Edge

Allows blade to trip back if struck by hidden object limiting damage. Standard on SB3000R models.

Carbide Cutting Edges Option

Carbide Cutting Edges

Carbide edges are designed for heavy commercial use, this non reversible cutting edge is suited for heavy duty clearing on concrete or asphalt.

NOTE: Colour added to image to highlight carbide.

Floating Blade Hinge Option

Floating Blade Hinge

Floating Blade Hinge Option Video Link

This option adds a mechanical float to the blade. This allows the blade to better follow the surface contour. The float is designed to be simply locked out when not needed by rolling the blade forward.

Rubber Cutting Edge Option

Snowblade Marker

Add this to your blade for better visibility and blade position awareness.

Spill Guard Option

Spill Guard

Spill Guard Option Video Link

Available on all SnowWing models and the 3000, 4000, 5000, & 6000 series SnowBlades.

Curb Runner Option

Curb Runner

Protects cutting edge from potential wear from rubbing against curbs etc.