2000 Commercial Series Hydraulic SnowThrower

The SnowThrower directs the snow into the rotor throwing the snow into the chute. As this is a single-stage piece of snow equipment, it uses 20% less power required than conventional two-stage SnowBlowers. SnowThrowers don’t throw as far as SnowBlowers allowing for more control in smaller, tighter areas.

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Direct Drive Image

Direct Drive


Hydraulic Chute Rotator Image

Hydraulic Chute Rotator


Hydraulic Chute Deflector Image

Hydraulic Chute Deflector


24 Inch Rotor Image

24″ Rotor


Bolt On A R 400 Cutting Edge Image

Bolt-On AR400 Cutting Edge


Carbide Skid Shoes and Cutting Edge Image

Carbide Skid Shoes



Skidsteer Hitch Image

Skidsteer Hitch


CAT 1 Hitch Image

CAT I Hitch


1 Stage Deflector Image

1 Stage Deflector



2 Stage Deflector Image

2 Stage Deflector