3PH Rotary Cutter – Plus

Now available, the Plus series of PTO powered rotary cutters provides increased cutting and shredding performance. Available in 60″-120″ sizes the redesigned stump jumper on the Plus is equipped with 3 blades increasing cutter efficiency and productivity. When equipped the optional slip clutch keeps this cutter moving throughout the work day.

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Skid Shoe Feature Image

Bolt-On Skid Shoe


Blade Assembly Feature Image

Blade Assembly


Floating Top Link Feature Image

Floating Top Link


Segmented Wheel Feature Image

Segmented Wheel


Slip Clutch Feature Image

Slip Clutch


Chain Curtain Option

Chain Curtain Option


Optional Draw Bar Kit

Optional Draw Bar Kit

The Draw Bar Kit is designed for 84″ & 96″ models. The kit consists of components shown in black in this image (red components for illustration only).