Light Duty Grader Blade

The Light Duty Series of Grader Blades extends our dependable line of grade blades, adding 3 new models designed specifically for your 30 HP or smaller compact or sub-compact tractors.

Designed for pushing or pulling material, the mouldboard can be easily rotated by removing the locking pin and spinning the blade to the desired position. Two left and two right settings forward and full blade reverse ensure that you move material just the way you want it.

Forward or back these 3 new grading blades from MK Martin provide the control you need to tame your domain.

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Reversible Cutting Edge Feature Image

3/8″ x 6″ Reversible Cutting Edge

The removeable cutting edge is made of 3/8″ x 6″ hardened steel and can be reversed for longer life.


Mouldboard Feature Image

3/16″ Mouldboard

Formed to provide the necessary rigidity, the 3/16″ mouldboard pulls through uneven compacted surfaces.


Hydraulic Angle Kit Feature Image

Manual Angle

The angle of the blade can be manually adjusted to provide the right line of attack for your grading chores.


Hydraulic Angle Kit Feature Image

Full Reverse

The mouldboard can be fully turned to cut in the push position as the tractor reverses or to provide non aggressive leveling on fresh cut ground.


Hydraulic Angle Kit Feature Image

Park Stand

An easy pin on park stand makes it easy to connect the grader to your 3PH.


Optional Rubber Cutting Edge Feature Image

Optional Rubber Cutting Edge

These optional rubber cutting edges are ideal for snow removal, reducing damage to driveways.