Offset Tilt Grader Blade

Available in 5, 6, and 7 foot widths, this versatile grader blade is designed for tractors equipped with Cat 1 3PH. This grader blade features offset, tilt, and angle adjustments each with 5 positions allowing it to tackle any job you can throw at it. The blade is also able to reverse 180° allowing you to grade your property while backing up for even more options. No matter your job, these blades will make the grade.

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Angle Feature


The angle adjustment on the grader blade allows operators to either increase or decrease the amount of material being deflected providing optimal flow for your conditions.


Tilting Feature


The 5 position tilt is ideal for maintaining crown on lane ways and for managing grade throughout the yard.


Offset Feature


This grader blade features 5 offset positions. When paired with the different angling positions, it allows for even more coverage and versatility.


Reversible Feature


The grader blade is fully reversible.


Cutting Edge Feature

Cutting Edge

The replaceable cutting edge is also reversible, doubling its life.


Optional Rubber Cutting Edge Feature Image

Optional Rubber Cutting Edge

These optional rubber cutting edges are ideal for snow removal, reducing damage to driveways.


Hydraulic Kit Feature Image

Hydraulic Kit

Includes hoses, cylinders, bolt-on plates, hardware.