Power Pack

Available from MK Martin is the Power Pack that giving your tractor with more hydraulic power to get the job done. Available in both a standard model, and a cooling model, there’s a MK Martin Power Pack that’s right for you. The power pack holds up to 30 gallons and runs 2500 PSI at 30 gallons per minute. Minimum horse power requirement is 40.

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Thermometer Feature Image

Thermometer & Level Gauge

Easy to read and easily accessible, this displays both the temperature of the unit as well as the current level of hydraulic oil.

Breather and Filler Cap Feature Image

Breather & Filler Cap

Allowing the Power Pack to breathe, it also allows you to top off the hydraulic oil whenever it runs low.

Oil Filter Feature Image

Oil Filter

The oil filter removes contaminants from the hydraulic oil.

Jack Stand Feature Image

Jack Stand

The standard jack stand keeps the Power Pack standing when not in use.

Cooling Fan Feature Image

Cooling Fan (Optional)

The cooling fan increases the maximum operating temperature, allowing you to work longer in higher-temperature environments.