Rotary Tiller

Prepare your seedbed or garden for planting using the MK Martin Rotary Tiller. With standard features such as adjustable skidshoes, floating deflector, replaceable tines, and an oil bath drive chain this tiller easily loosens soil for a variety of applications.

For optimal performance, the tines are configured in a spiral pattern. This provided better overall processing of the soil while increasing overall efficiency of the tiller on lower-horsepower compact tractors.

Available in a range of sizes, there’s an MK Rotary Tiller for any application.

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Bolt-On Tines Feature Image

Replaceable Bolt-On Tines

Every Rotary Tiller comes equipped with an auger full of replaceable, bolt-on tines. Each tine can be individually replaced.


Self Lubricating Chain Drive Feature Image

Self Lubricating Chain Drive

The chain drive equipped on the Rotary Tiller is self lubricated, removing the need for lubricating the chain drive before every use. The base of the casing is filled with oil that lubricates the chain as it passes through the bottom of the chain drive.


Adjustable Skidshoes Feature Image

Adjustable Skidshoes

Control the depth of the Rotary Tiller to suit your needs by raising or lowering the skidshoes.


Floating Deflector Feature Image

Floating Deflector

An adjustable floating deflector helps to control displaced soil as it is processed by the tines. Raise or lower it to get the desired amount of surface compaction for your application.


Gearbox Feature Image

Gear Box

A powerful gear box transfers power from the tractors 540RPM PTO to the chain drive delivering a tine speed 211RPM.


3PH Mount Offset Feature Image

3PH Mount Offset

Standard on the MK Rotary Tiller is the adjustable 3PH mount. This allows you to offset the tiller while hooked up to your 3PH, giving you even more control over the placement of your tiller for those hard to reach to places.


Safety Guards Freature Image

Safety Guards

Each side of the Rotary Tiller comes equipped with safety guards to help prevent limbs from entering into the rotor and tines during operation and help prevent dirt clods from being propelled forward toward the operator.