Track Curry

Groom your track or arena surface with the MK Martin Track-Curry. This easy-to-use tool will allow you to condition the surface of your track to your desired firmness. With two rows of heavy-duty S-tines to cultivate the ground, an adjustable leveling bar fastened to the rear of the S-tines and 12″ rolling drum behind the leveling bar provides an accurate depth gauge to cultivate and pack your soil for optimum performance. The MK Martin Track-Curry will condition your arena or track to the footing most suited to the health and safety of your horses.

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Tines Feature Image

Heavy Duty S Tines


Leveling Bar Feature Image

Adjustable Leveling Bar


Rolling Drum Feature Image

12″ Rolling Drum


Spill Plates Feature Image

Standard Spill Plates

Every MK Martin Track Curry comes with two standard spill plates. These funnel any excess material into the Track Curry’s path, ensuring your arena or track keeps looking its best.


Wing Feature Image

Optional Wing

The optional Track Curry wing from MK Martin easily levels the edge of the riding arena for a clean and professional look.


Scarifier Bar Feature Image

Optional Scarifier Bar

Dig deeper with the optional scarifier bar. Each bar is individually height adjustable, or can be removed or inverted for the right amount of action.


Sprinkler Kit Feature Image

Optional Sprinkler Kit

Equipped with a 25 gallon tank, the optional sprinkler kit reduces the amount of dust being thrown into the air when working with dry material.