MK Martin Axis Tool Arm

Axis Tool Arm

The Axis is the ideal tool for safely mowing around ponds, ditches, and fence lines. The offset design of the Axis Tool Arm provides the necessary clearance to keep both the tractor and the operator out of harms way from low-hanging branches, or possibly rolling the tractor down an incline.

To ensure both operator and equipment safety, the Axis is equipped with sheer bolt protection on a breakaway link should the arm strike an unforeseen object with too much force.

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MK Martin Disc Mower Implement Caddy

Disc Mower Implement Caddy

The MK Disc Mower Implement Caddy transforms your 3PH disc mower into a pull-type unit to help reduce wear on the mower while reducing stress from your tractor. Using the adjustable top link, you can connect your disc mower faster and easier than before, and with the addition of the adjustable hitch, you can level your caddy and mower for an even cut as you drive along.

The MK Disc Mower Implement Caddy comes in two models: offset (MKC1200) and inline (MKC1201).

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MK Martin Dump Box

Dump Box

This general-purpose 3PH Utility Dump Box comes in two sizes for the homeowner, landscaper, or wood lot owner.

  • 3PH hookup CAT. 1
  • Quick and easy dump
  • Raise and lower to the desired height for loading
  • Heavy-duty tubular subframe
  • 14 GA. material box structure
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MK Martin Implement Caddy

Implement Caddy

The Implement Caddy by MK Martin converts your 3PH implements to trailed versions when access to a 3PH-equipped unit is not available. This alternative to conventional 3PH mounting allows greater flexibility over your work force.

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MK Martin Weight Box

Weight Box

With a material holding volume of 3.5 cubic feet and a maximum holding weight capacity of 525 LBS., this new weight box can add up to 575 LBS. of balancing weight to your CAT. 1 3PH. This added weight backs up your tractor by off-setting your loader-mounted attachments helping to keep your tractor safely balanced during operation.

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