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MK Martin Trailer Backhoe

Trailer Backhoe

MK Martin’s BT810 Trailer Backhoe is powered by an electric start Briggs & Stratton engine. This backhoe has a working depth of 4 feet 11 inches and a digging force of 1,764 lbs., making it the right machine for property maintenance or landscaping projects.

Easily towed from one job to the next, the BT810 offers a full 360-degree rotation, allowing you better range and maneuverability.

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MK Martin Interseeder


Inter Seeder rolling tines create some soil disturbance improving the seed-to-soil contact. This improves the germination compared to seeds that are just broadcasted.


  • Gandy 10 cubic feet Orbit Air seed applicator
  • Multiple species seed capability
  • 11 row 27-1/2′ width
  • 15 row 37-1/2′ width
  • Category II and III w/quick hitch compatibility
  • Independent row units
  • 30″ row width
  • Parking stands
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MK Martin Gravity Box

Gravity Box

The MK Gravity Box comes in three models, available with optional extensions. Ranging from 270-745 bushel capacities, we have the perfect-sized Gravity Box for your operation.

Available on the proven running gear from Horst Wagons, or as a box-only model to place on your wagon, you can rest easy knowing that the MK Martin Gravity Box is going to get your load where it needs to go.

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MK Martin Disc Mower Implement Caddy

Disc Mower Implement Caddy

The MK Disc Mower Implement Caddy transforms your 3PH disc mower into a pull-type unit to help reduce wear on the mower while reducing stress from your tractor. Using the adjustable top link, you can connect your disc mower faster and easier than before, and with the addition of the adjustable hitch, you can level your caddy and mower for an even cut as you drive along.

The MK Disc Mower Implement Caddy comes in two models: offset (MKC1200) and inline (MKC1201).

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