MK Martin 3PH Rotary Cutter

3PH Rotary Cutter

The PTO powered series of rotary cutters provide excellent mowing and shredding performance for tractors rated between 20-50 HP. The 3PH mount models are available in a variety of cutting widths providing a cutting path from 48″ – 72″. To better adapt to your conditions, the cutter features an adjustable cutting height of 2″ – 10″ and a floating top link. This combination allows you to get the ideal cut for your field or roadside.

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MK Martin 3PH Rotary Cutter - Plus

3PH Rotary Cutter – Plus

Now available, the Plus series of PTO powered rotary cutters provides increased cutting and shredding performance. Available in 60″-120″ sizes the redesigned stump jumper on the Plus is equipped with 3 blades increasing cutter efficiency and productivity. When equipped the optional slip clutch keeps this cutter moving throughout the work day.

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MK Martin 3PH Rotary Cutter - Wing

3PH Rotary Cutter – Wing

New for 2017, MK Martin presents the Wing. Available in a 15′ model, the three triple blade assemblies make short work of stubble whether in the pasture, field, or brush. Each wing can independently float 20° in either direction to conform to the contours of the ground. The 15′ width of the cutter can be greatly reduced by folding up both hydraulic wings to better transport from one field to another, and to store the cutter in tight spaces.

Features & Options

  • 15′ dual wing rotary cutter
  • 4 heavy duty gearboxes, each covered with limited 5 year warranty
  • Transport lock for each wing
  • 1.5″ diameter cutting capacity
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MK Martin Skidsteer Rotary Cutter

Skidsteer Rotary Cutter

Designed for mowing fields and light brush up to 2″ in diameter, hydraulic models are the ideal cutting attachments for skid loaders. The hydraulic motor is matched to the flow of the skid loader to provide optimal performance. Coupled directly to the hydraulic motor, the drive spindle is supported by two bearings allowing the power to be transferred directly to the blade assembly without the need for a gearbox. Hydraulic models come standard with a front push bar for bending over light brush, a chain curtain to prevent materials from being ejected from under the deck, and a floating pivot mount that allows the mower to follow the contours of the ground.

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